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All the procedures required to manage a Smallsite Design site.

1.Set up Smallsite Design
While installing Smallsite Design produces a working but bare site, there are some settings that you will probably want to change.
2.Assign a task
Those who do the writing, translating or reviewing must be assigned to an article by the master manager, even if it is themselves.
3.Release an article
After all tasks for an article are complete and there are no errors, the latest draft can be released.
4.Add a file
The master manager can add a file for use in articles.
5.Create links
The master manager can create navigation bar and site links, card, catalog and gallery links, and related articles and sites for subsites and articles.
6.Set up a banner
The master manager can set up the banner for a subsite.
7.Set up rights
The master manager can set up the rights to apply to articles in a subsite.
8.Troubleshoot links
Links connect a site to other parts of itself and the world, and so need periodic checking to make sure none are broken.
  • Add a file
  • Set up a banner
  • Troubleshoot links
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