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There are several tasks that need to be done before Smallsite Design can be installed.

1Overall setup procedure
This procedure covers all the tasks required for setting up a Smallsite Design site. Each step links to a detailed procedure for that task.
2Rent a domain name
A domain name is the globally unique identifier for a site, and hence is required.
3Rent a hosting service
Web sites are run on a server connected to the internet. While we can set our own up, normally we would rent one to save us a lot of effort.
4Create an email account
With a hosted site comes the opportunity to create email accounts for any of the hosted domains.
5Create an addon domain
If following the recommendation to use one domain for the hosting account and another for actually hosting your site, an addon domain is required.
6Point to the hosting DNS servers
Domain name servers translate a domain name into the numeric IP address of the computer on which its site resides. To do this, the registrar's computers must point to the hoster's domain name servers.
7Create a noreply email account
An email account tied to the domain used for Smallsite Design is needed to send notifications, while ignoring replies.
8Configure PHP
Smallsite Design uses the PHP programming language, but it needs to have the correct version and other settings.
9Buy Smallsite Design
Smallsite design is purchased through a seller, who will provide a license number, which when entered into a PHP file uploaded to your hosting server and run, will install the site software.
10Install Smallsite Design
Smallsite Design is installed by running a special PHP program file uploaded to the root folder of the domain where it is to be installed.
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