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Besides articles, there are other pages that help with navigation and discovery, as well as some covering common site information.

1.Subsites pageSample subsites page
Subsites are the major organisational unit for a Smallsite Design site. This page lists all the subsites for a site, but it is only available if there is more than one subsite.
2.Categories pages
Categories are groups of related articles. This page can list all the categories for a subsite, or all the articles for a category.
3.Search pageSample Search results page
The search page will list the results of a search submitted from the bottom of any page on the site. Further searches can be done from this page.
4.Latest articles pageSample latest articles for a subsite
This page lists the latest up to 10 articles for the subsite, including updated ones.
5.Subsite feedSample subsite feed
Each subsite has an Atom feed for the up to 10 latest articles.
6.Site mapSample site map
This page provides links to all the public pages on the site.
  • Subsites page
  • Categories pages
  • Search page
  • Contact   Glossary   Policies
  • Categories   Feed   Site map

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