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Category:Management pages

The help pages for the Smallsite Design Manage pages.

Common management page elements
Except for the main content, all management pages share the same elements.
Article body
The article body holds the bulk of the content of an article, commonly known as below-the-fold.
Article head
The article head holds the above-the-fold content, such as the headline, byline, introduction, and an optional basic aside.
Banners in Smallsite Design are meant to provide consistent branding across all pages of a subsite.
A category is a collection of articles having a common narrative theme.
Check links
Periodically, a site can be checked for broken links resulting from target web sites withdrawing pages or even disappearing.
Files can be images or other media or any other type like PDFs or documents.
History is the list of versions for an article, as well as the phases of an article while it is being edited.
The contents of a Smallsite Design site can be archived, and from an archive, a full site or some elements of it can be imported.
Each article and sub site can have its own related articles or external pages. Navigation pages can have cards or galleries as well. All such links are specified in the same way.
Locales are a composite of a language and region or country, and may include a script which defines the character set used if there is more than one.
Move articles
Multiple articles can be moved quickly between categories.
Order articles
The articles in a category can be sorted alphabetically or an explicit order with numeration.
Redirects enable a substitute page to displayed instead of the one specified in a url.
Rights specify what is allowed to be done with the content by others, ranging from all retained by the author to being released in the public domain.
Settings allows specifying the operational values for a site.
If statistics are enabled, the count of reads by article and locale are available.
A subsite is a collection of categories and their articles, with its own home page and navigation.
Depending upon their role, users have varying degrees of access to the site.
Work list
The work list is the main page used for managing the domain and its sites. It is the first page seen after login.

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