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Category: Getting started

Some articles about how to use Smallsite Design.

1Edit the home page
This procedure is to help get your site started by showing how to add some paragraphs to the blank installed home page.
2Planning a site
Smallsite Design provides a few structures to help with fleshing out a workable site. To use these effectively, some planning may help.
3Site structures
Here are some ideas for how a Smallsite Design site can be structured.
Smallsite Design manages the versioning of articles.
5Site navigation elements
There are multiple means of navigating around a Smallsite Design site.
6Editing phases
Several activity phases are required to initially create an article, and to get from one release to the next.
Articles can be kept as templates, allowing them to be cloned from or raided for elements.
This article describes the limits applicable to Smallsite Design sites.
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