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Editing in Smallsite Design involves the creation and editing of element content and attributes, as well as attaching child elements.

Element: Basic blocks
Blocks are the full-width elements that provide the structure of and overall aesthetic of an article. Basic blocks are the less complex.
Element: Complex blocks
Complex blocks have child blocks.
Element: General article
A general article has the most flexible content model, allowing most blocks, a glossary and sections, with those able to contains their own.
Element: Glossary articlep:function('S::tf',concat('f||',as/@f,'||t||||unknown'))
A glossary is a list of terms or abbreviations with a description, and is provided on a per subsite basis to provide a central place for such terms.
Element: Inline
Inline elements contain the text for rich text elements, and provide formatting or other functionality.
Element: Media
Media blocks allow articles to have visual and audio content.
Element: Navigation article
Navigation articles, including home pages, are the only type that can host the cards and gallery facilities which provide prominent visual navigation.
Element: Table
Tables are excellent for presenting structured information, but that capability makes them more involved to set up.

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