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Category: Administration procedures

Procedures to maintain and tweak the site.

1.Log in to the site
Logging in is the preliminary action for performing any management or editing tasks.
2.Change password
A manager or writer user can change their password at any time, or have the master manager reset it for them.
3.Add a user
The master manager can create a manager, writer or guest user.
4.Create a redirect
While many redirects will be created automatically when categories or articles are renamed, the master manager can create redirects for them or even the whole site.
5.Update software
The master manager can update the Smallsite Design software when new versions are available.
6.Import elements
Specific elements can be imported from an archive.
7.Overwrite the site
The master manager can overwrite the site with an archive.
8.Emergency log in to the site
If the master manager has lost their password, an emergency log in may be performed.
  • Update software
  • Overwrite the site
  • Log in to the site
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