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Pages for maintaining and tweaking a site.

1.Work list
The work list is the main page used for managing the domain and its sites. It is the first page seen after login.
This page lists all articles and categories alphabetically, and allows finding which articles have specific content.
The count of page reads by article, week and locale are available.
4.Check links
Periodically, a site can be checked for broken links resulting from target web sites withdrawing pages or even disappearing.
The contents of a Smallsite Design site can be archived, and from an archive, overwrite all the current content or import some elements.
Depending upon their role, users have varying degrees of access to the site.
Redirects enable a substitute page to be displayed instead of the one specified in the url a visitor used to access the site.
Versions of Smallsite Design can be downloaded from the license server.
This page provides details of the site, some site actions to perform, and lists full site archives and actions related to them.
Settings allows specifying the operational values for a site.
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