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6. Use HTTPS protocol

The HTTPS protocol – or scheme – makes sure that all traffic on the communication channel between a browser and the website is encrypted to ensure its privacy and security.

This protocol relies upon a chain of trust defined by security certificates created by certified authorities. The trust flows from a root certificate through one or intermediate certificates to the site certificate. A browser will verify this chain of trust and display a warning if any of the certificates are invalid or expired.

In the past, the only way to get a site certificate was to buy one from a seller who would obtain one from an intermediate certificate authority and then you would have to manually install it for your site. Any website now managed using the cPanel site administration software will have one automatically issued and installed since the cPanel organisation is an authorised intermediate certificate authority. It may take up to 24 hours for cPanel to detect new subdomains or add-on domains and create all the required certificates, though that can be expedited using this procedure.

If needing an extended certificate, such as those that show the green address bar in a browser, it must be purchased and installed manually. Note that such certificates offer no more technical protection for sites than the automatically installed ones, but certify that some research has been undertaken to ensure that the site owner is a legitimate individual or business, though it in no way indicates their actual trustworthiness. See the cPanel documentation for how to install purchased certificates.



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