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5. Update software

The master manager can update the Smallsite Design software when new versions are available.

If Check at login after the introduction of the Versions page has been checked, and if New is displayed next to Versions in the Other section of the Work list page, a newer version of Smallsite Design than currently installed is available. Otherwise just by opening the Versions page, any versions above the currently installed one are new.


The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To update Smallsite Design with another version:

1Open the Versions page

by clicking on the Versions button in the Other section of the Work list page.

The page is displayed with the new version above the current one:
Sample Versions page with a new version

2Retrieve the version

by clicking the Retrieve button in its Actions column.

The page is redisplayed with the Install and Delete checkboxes in the ~c~Actions column:
Sample Versions page with the new version retrieved

3Install the version


  1. a.Clicking the Install checkbox.
  2. b.Clicking the newly displayed Install checkbox.
  3. c.Clicking the newly displayed Confirm button.

The responses are:

  1. a.The new version is installed.
  2. b.The Log in page is displayed.
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