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1. Set up Smallsite Design

While installing Smallsite Design produces a working but bare site, there are some settings that you will probably want to change.

The default user ID created when installing is sd. You may want to change that to your initials or a short nickname.

Each locale is assigned a language for the user interface (UI) elements, like buttons and menus, which will be derived from the locale ID if it matches one of the supplied UI languages, otherwise it is set to English. This can be changed at step 2 to a language that most of your intended audience would be likely to prefer.


The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To set up Smallsite Design to your liking:

1Change user id

by performing:

1-1Open the Users page

by clicking the Users button in the Other section of the Work list page.

1-2Change the first manager's ID

by clicking their ID row's ✎ checkbox, editing the now exposed field, then clicking the Submit button.

The ID is changed, and will have to be used for any future logins.

2Set master user interface language, if allowed

by performing:

2-1Open the Locale page for the master locale

by clicking the Locales checkbox in the Locales item in the Access section of the Work list page, then clicking the button for the first locale.

2-2Select the language

by clicking on the button for the suitable User language.

The selected language will be used immediately for all Smallsite Design buttons and text in all pages when viewed in the master locale.

3Customise site settings

by performing:

3-1Open the Settings page

by clicking the Settings button in the Other section of the Work list page.

3-2Modify values

by considering:

  1. a.Editing the Site ID, Site name and Copyright owner in the Values section.
  2. b.If needing a business or professional registration displayed on the site, filling in the Registration name and Registration ID in the Values section.
  3. c.If wanting 2-factor login, checking the 2-factor login checkbox in the Access section.
  4. d.If wanting the site for learning or demonstration purposes, checking the Guest mode checkbox in the Access section.

The site should now be ready to build up content.

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