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7. Set up rights

The master manager can set up the rights to apply to articles in a subsite.

Rights are specifying what visitors to a site can do with the information the site provides. In general, copyright exists in any work upon its creation, regardless of whether it is published or not. Even the symbol © is not required, though it serves as a reminder that the work is copyrighted. Registration is not required, though it can provide an important independently-corroborated milestone in the timeline of the content, which may prove useful to counter any legal challenges.

The default in Smallsite Design is that the site owner retains control of all the copyrights. That usually means that except for fair use conditions allowed in some jurisdictions, the information cannot be copied or used elsewhere unless the site owner explicitly agrees. Nothing has to be done by the site owner to keep this provision. The footer of each page includes the text Rights: All reserved to indicate this. In general, linking to copyrighted material does not infringe copyright, nor can an author prevent others from doing so. Linking to some works may be illegal in some jurisdictions. Seek proper legal advice to be really clear about what obligations and limitations apply.

At the other end of the copyright spectrum is putting content into the public domain, thereby relinquishing all rights and control over the work. Within these extremes of control, there is a wide range of possible combinations of rights that can be allowed. To help with specifying what rights are allowed by third-parties, the Creative Commons organisation was set up to provide formalised licenses to cover a range of commonly used combinations of copyright conditions, which can be linked to. Each of these also has a shorthand notation that can be used as a compact indicator on pages.

In Smallsite Design, the default All reserved can be replaced with any other text to indicate the copyright limits, and can be set to link to the external site with the corresponding legal document. This can be set on a per subsite basis, so that specific groups of information can be made more freely available while retaining fuller control of the rest.

The fall-through rules applying to rights are:

  1. a.If no rights text is specified for the master locale of a subsite, the default All reserved is used for the whole subsite.
  2. b.Rights text for a non-master locale supersedes the master locale's.
  3. c.If no URL is specified for the master locale of a subsite, the rights text for the subsite cannot be a link.
  4. d.The URL for a non-master locale supersedes the master locale's.

This arrangement keeps subsite rights independent of each other to prevent unintendedly lowering copyright protections for other subsites, while allowing rights text and URL fall-throughs for locales in a subsite.


The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To specify subsite copyrights other than the default:

1Open the Rights page

by clicking the Rights button in either of:

  1. a.The Access section of the Work list page.
  2. b.The Other row of the Details section of any Subsite page.
The page is displayed, showing the rights for all locales of all subsites:
Sample Rights page

2Specify the rights for a locale of a subsite

by performing:

2-1Show its fields

by clicking the ✎ checkbox in its Text URL column.

The fields are unhidden:
Sample rights fields for a locale

2-2Specify the rights

by typing the required values into the Text and URL fields.

2-3Confirm the rights

by clicking the Submit button.

The rights are saved, targeting its Locale column, and showing the ✘ checkbox in its ✘ column:
Sample completed rights for a locale

3Optionally, specify the rights for another locale in a subsite

by repeating step 2 for it.

4Optionally, delete the rights for a locale of a subsite

by performing:

4-1Start the deletion

by clicking the ✘ checkbox in the ✘ column of the locale's row.

A ✔ button appears below the checkbox.

4-2Confirm the deletion

by clicking the ✔ button.

The rights details are deleted, leaving the cell as shown for the locales in step 1.

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