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3Release an article

After all tasks for an article are complete and there are no errors, the latest draft can be released.

An article can be released after there are no errors and all locales are Done. If it has never been previously released, it will likely need to be made publicly available.


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The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To release an article:

1Go to the History page

by one of:

  1. a.Clicking on the History or Update buttons in the Versions row of the Details section of the Article head page for a newly created or cloned article.
  2. b.Clicking on the Phase column for the article in the In progress section of the Work list page.
The page is displayed, with a Done button displayed on one of the locale rows:
Sample History page with completed task and Done button

2Ensure all locales are Done

by successively clicking on all Done buttons as they appear, or clicking on the All done button, if available.

When all done, the Release button appears at the start of the top row of the phases area:
Sample History page that is ready for release

3Release the article

by clicking on the Release button.

The page is redisplayed with no phases, and with a Update button on the row for the new latest release, a Purge checkbox on the rows for any previous releases, and a Delete checkbox on the rows for any drafts:
Sample History page for released article

4Optionally, delete any previous versions

by, for each version, clicking on the Purge button.

For most sites, previous versions are not needed, unless they are required for archiving or reference, or possibly useful source material for other articles but not now required in later versions of the article itself.

However, if really wanted for proper archiving for legal record-keeping, save the page from a browser as a single-file format, such as .mhtml, which keeps all content, including linked and embedded files, from the same site as one file.

The page is redisplayed with the version's line deleted.

5If never released previously, publicly show the article

by performing:

5-1Go to the article's Article head page

by clicking on the article's ID in the Owner path.

5-2Show the article

by clicking the Listed button in the Show row of the Details section.

The article is now publicly available.

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