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5. Point to hosting DNS servers

Domain name servers translate a domain name into the numeric IP address of the computer on which its site resides. To do this, the registrar's computers must point to the hoster's domain name servers.

In reality, the internet consists of a hierarchy of DNS servers, with the registrar's being the next to last on a branch, and the hoster's being the last. Each parent knows all the domain names below it, so that it can service any requests from below and respond to them directly, without affecting any computers above it. Any requests from above are sent to the child that knows what to do with it. This distributed processing minimises delays and traffic.

You will need the list of your hosting provider's DNS server addresses, as provided in Buy hosting services, Step 4.


To point the registrar's servers to the hoster's DNS servers:

1Login to domain registrar

2Navigate to domain management page

3Specify the hosting server domains

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