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7Overwrite the site

The master manager can overwrite the site with an archive.


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The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To overwrite the site's content:

1Open the Import page

by clicking on the Import button in the last item of the Access section of the Work list page.

The page is displayed with a list with the current site on top, and archives in reverse chronological order below:
Sample Import page

2Optionally, upload an archive file

by performing:

2-1Show the upload buttons

by clicking on the Upload checkbox in the Action column for the Currently row.

The upload area is shown:
Expanded Upload area of Import page

2-2Open the Open dialog box

by clicking on the Select file button.

The name of the dialog box will vary between operating systems.

The dialog box is opened.

2-3Find the file

by navigating to the containing folder and clicking on the file name.

2-4Confirm the selection

by clicking the Open button.

The label of the button will vary between operating systems.

The File selected text is displayed after the Select file button.

2-5Upload the file

by clicking on the Upload button.

The response is:

  1. a.The archive file is uploaded to the site.
  2. b.The page is redisplayed with the new archive included in the list at a position based upon its creation date-time.

3Overwrite the site with the archive


  1. a.Clicking on the Overwrite checkbox.
  2. b.Clicking on the newly shown Overwrite checkbox.
  3. c.Clicking on the newly shown Confirm button.

The response is:

  1. a.The current site is archived.
  2. b.The current master manager user is added to the new site. If their ID already exists in the new site, the existing ID has an _ appended.
  3. c.The site is overwritten.
  4. d.The Log in to the site page is displayed.
  5. e.The master manager who instigated the overwrite can log in with their same ID and password.

If any articles had been previously assigned to the renamed user, they will still be assigned to them. If not wanting to keep that user, perhaps because the person now has two user logins, their assigned articles will need to be put on hold, and assigned to the replacement user.

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