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1  Overall setup procedure

This procedure covers all the tasks required for setting up a Smallsite Design site. Each step links to a detailed procedure for that task.

Third-party providers

Most of the steps are performed on third-party sites in order to prepare the environment for your Smallsite Design site(s). They may be different from what is presented here, so contact them for help in how to achieve the step objectives.

Note that only the last step is really specific to Smallsite Design. Most of the other steps are required to put up any site on the web. These steps only need to be done once, but if you don't feel confident enough doing them, despite the detailed instructions, you may choose to get someone to help you. If you take that course, make sure all services are in your name and you change the passwords for any accounts you may have needed as soon as possible.

Smallsite Design requires a noreply email account on the site domain, but having your own domain means that you can create your everyday email account on it as well, and add forwarders (alias email addresses) to use for directing incoming emails to it.


The role to perform this procedure is: Site owner.

To prepare to host a Smallsite Design site:

6Create an email account

Recommended for an everyday usage account.

  • β€’Delete a site
  • β€’Rent a domain name
  • β€’Create an addon domain
  • β€’Contact   Glossary   Policies
  • β€’Categories   Feed   Site map

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