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Smallsite Design

Online setup help

1. Overall setup procedure

This procedure covers all the tasks required for setting up a Smallsite Design site. Each step links to a detailed procedure for that task.

Note that only the last step is specific to Smallsite Design. All the others are required to put up any site on the web. These steps only need to be done once, but if you don't feel confident enough doing them, despite the detailed instructions, you may choose to get someone to help you. If you take that course, make sure you change any passwords for any accounts you may have needed as soon as possible.


[Notes] indicates that the step has learning notes. Click Learning to show all of them. Click [Notes] to show the step's notes.

To prepare to host a Smallsite Design site:

1Buy domain name

2Buy hosting services

3Point to hosting DNS servers

4Create add-on domain

5Use HTTPS protocol[Notes]

While the certificates for a subdomain or add-on domain should be created automatically by cPanel within 24 hours, use this procedure to expedite that process.

6Create noreply email account

7Configure PHP

8Buy Smallsite Design

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