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4. Move articles

The master manager can quickly move several articles between categories.


To move articles from a category:

1Open the Move articles page

by clicking the Move button in the Actions row of the Details section of the Category page for the category to move from.

The page is displayed with the list of available target categories:
Sample initial Move articles page for a from category

2Select the target category

by clicking on the button in the Category column for the category's row.

The page is redisplayed with a list of the articles in the From category that can be moved to the To category:
Sample Move articles page with target category selected

3Move an article

by clicking on the Article column's button in its row.

The page is redisplayed with:

  1. a.The article moved to the target category.
  2. b.The article row removed.
  3. c.The Article column's button for the next article is highlighted, otherwise that for the top one is.

4Optionally, move the next article

by either:

  1. a.Pressing the Enter | return key to move the article with the highlighted Move button.
  2. b.Clicking the Article column's button for the article.

5Move other articles to the same target category

by repeating step 4 as required.

6Optionally, move articles to another category

by performing:

6-1Show the target category list

by clicking on the button in the Category column of the To row of the top table.

The page is redisplayed as in step 1.

6-2Move articles

by repeating step 2 to step 4 as required.

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