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10. Log into the cPanel console

cPanel is the program used to manage the hosting environment for your sites, allowing you to create email accounts and manage site files.

In general, you will only need to access cPanel to manage email accounts, manage domains, load up the Smallsite Design installation file, or other incidental changes. Access to cPanel is not required for managing or editing a Smallsite Design site itself.

The Username and a temporary Password will have been given to you by your hoster. Immediately change your password at your first login. If you had transferred your site(s) from another hoster via a full cPanel backup, your account login should be the same. Keep your login details in a very safe place and only provide them to someone whom you trust the management of your site to.

Your Smallsite Design logins are separate from your cPanel account, and if someone knows your cPanel login, they cannot access Smallsite Design to change content on your site directly, though they can edit your site's data files at the risk of corrupting them so your site becomes inoperable.


To log into your cPanel console:

1Navigate to the cPanel site

by typing in the cPanel url into the browser address bar, being something like where server is the name of the server on which your site resides, and host is your hosting provider's server domain.

The login page is displayed:
cPanel login page

2Provide your login credentials

by typing them into the Username and Password fields, and pressing the Log in button.

The cPanel home page is displayed, as something like:
cPanel home page

What is displayed is dependent upon the them selected, with many showing icons next to the links. While most options will be common to all hosters, some hosters may provide extra facilities under different sections.

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