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1. Log in to the site

Logging in is the preliminary action for performing any management or editing tasks.

Smallsite Design requires a user ID and password to log in, while also incorporating an optional simple 2-factor method. The user ID is short and selected by the user, and expected to use their initials. This is realistic considering the few users most sites would have. Smallsite Design uses a novel approach to passwords in that it also requires a short prompt text as a reminder of what the password is. This is because passwords cannot be short, so are not likely to be easily remembered.

When the master manager logs in after a gap of 12 hours, the behind-the-scenes actions taking place are:

  1. a.Rebuilds the search data file.
  2. b.Creates a content archive.
  3. c.Purges expired redirects.

These may result in the Work list page being partially displayed for a few seconds until the tasks are complete. The search file can be updated at any time by clicking on the Search 🗘 button at the end of the Access section.


≣ Indicates the step has learning notes. Click its checkbox to show them.

The role to perform this procedure is: Any user.

To log into the manage pages:

1Open the Login page

by clicking on the Manage link at the bottom of any page.

The keyboard shortcut is whatever key(s) are used for your browser and operating system to invoke use of an access key + \

The page is displayed, showing the User ID field:
Sample login page, requesting user ID

2Provide User ID

by typing in your ID and clicking the Submit button.

The page is displayed, showing the Password field:
Sample login page, requesting password

If 2-factor login is enabled, Open the email sent after submitting. is displayed after the button.

3Provide Password

by typing in your password and clicking the Submit button.

If 2-factor login disabled, the Work list page is displayed.


  1. 1.An email is sent to your email account with a link to click.
  2. 2.The login page remains as is, awaiting the outcome of the next step.

4If 2-factor enabled, confirm login

by performing:

4-1Open the sent email

using whatever email client and device available.

4-2Confirm the login

by clicking the link in the email.

Both of:

  1. 1.Another browser page opens and, depending on the browser, will close quickly or remain with Close me.
  2. 2.The Work list page is displayed.

The browser opened by clicking on the link might be different from that used for Smallsite Design, depending upon what browser is set as the default for opening links within emails.

4-3If open, close the Close me page

using its X button.

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