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Online setup help

11. Install Smallsite Design

Smallsite Design is installed by running a special PHP program file uploaded to the root folder of the domain where it is to be installed.

However, for the site to start running, the setup program requires during its running:

  1. a.Installation language – language to be used for the duration of the installation, and is a smaller selection of than what is available for the resulting site's Master locale
  2. b.License number – as supplied by the reseller. This is quite long, so cut-and-paste it from the email from the seller
  3. c.Master manager email – full email address to which a temporary password is sent during installation. Also used for operational notifications, but can be modified at any time
  4. d.Master locale – the language-script-region combination expected to be that used by the site's primary target audience. Cannot be changed after installation, except for the region. Selected from a list of over 500 provided by PHP.

If the License number is entered incorrectly, there will be an opportunity to correct it. The domain name will be extracted from the installation file's url during installation. The Master manager email can each be changed at any time after installation. The email address must already exist prior to installation otherwise the temporary password will not be received. Preferably use an email address from a domain which you control rather than one from a third-party supplier like Gmail, as they may scan the content of your emails, possibly gaining access to confidential information.

The Master locale must be selected carefully because only its region can be changed later. Preferably it as general as possible. Locales like ar-001 and en-001 cater for worldwide Arabic and English usage, respectively. Other locales can be added as required to cater for pages translated for more particular audiences. For example, the Master locale for a site about Cherokee culture that would be expected to be read by a wide US audience could be en-us while its Cherokee translation can use the chr-us locale, whereas if the site will only ever be used exclusively for Cherokee speakers, chr-us may be the appropriate Master locale.


To install Smallsite Design:

1Run the file

by using your browser to visit https://domain/filename,


  1. a.domain is the domain or subdomain into which the installation file has been uploaded and where the site is to be installed, like
  2. b.filename is the full name of the installation file downloaded from the Smallsite Design product page, like

2Specify the installation language

by clicking on the Next button.

3Verify readiness to install

by clicking the Next button.

4Specify installation details

5Specify installation details

by performing:

5-1Provide license number

5-2Provide owner email address

5-3Specify master locale

5-4Confirm the values

by clicking the Next button.

6Confirm test email received

by clicking the Next button.

7Go to site

by clicking the Next button.

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