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1Edit the home page

This procedure is to help get your site started by showing how to add some paragraphs to the blank installed home page.

When installed, Smallsite Design provides a home page with only an introduction. This procedure will help to make that page have some content relevant to the site's purpose, while getting some experience using the product.

This will get you started, but it will need changes as the site develops and content is added. The main subsite home page is special in that it really sets the tone for the whole site, even if other subsites are added later.

The intended structure of this home page is:
aHeadlineA catchy encapsulation of the focus or ethos of the site
bBylineIf the Headline is too generic, a qualifying statement that makes it clearer what aspect the site is dealing with
cIntroductionA succinct synopsis of what the site is about. Only meant to be indicative, so that the reader can gauge if it interests them
dParagraphDescribe the context that the site is created to address
eParagraphIf the site is to be presenting authoritative content, indicate what in your background and expertise qualifies you to present it here. Not a resume
fParagraphIndicate the significant aspects of what the site will be dealing with
gParagraphIndicate what you hope the site will bring about

Each paragraph should be at least 50 to 100 words. They should cover their topic in some depth, but not be bogged down in details, nor be exhaustive. They are meant to be indicative, so the reader gets a good idea of what the site is about and what the content is like. Your writing style is on show here, so show your depth.


 Indicates the step has learning notes. Click its checkbox to show them.

The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To make the home page useful:

1Log in to the site

from the home page.

The Work list page is displayed with the home page highlighted:
Sample Work list page, with the main subsite Home page in the Access section selected

2Open the Article head for the home page

by pressing the Enter | return key or clicking the highlighted Home button.

The page is displayed.

3Edit the Headline

by performing:

3-1Expose the field for editing

by clicking on the checkbox at the end of the cell.

The editing field is displayed with the current text in it, with minimum and maximum character limits, the number of current characters, and a Submit button below it.

3-2Edit the text

by messing with it as required!

3-3Save the text

by clicking the Submit button.

The text at the top of the cell is replaced by the new text.

4If qualification needed, edit the Byline

by repeating the substeps of step 3 for it.

5Edit the Introduction

by repeating the substeps of step 3 for it.

6Assign a task

by, for that procedure:

  1. a.Starting it with clicking the Update button in the Versions row of the Details section.
  2. b.Phases are already showing at step 2.
  3. c.Clicking the Users checkbox for the Edit phase at step 3.
  4. d.Skipping step 4 and step 5.
  5. e.Clicking the Submit button at step 6.

7Open the Article body page

by clicking on the Latest button.

8Add a paragraph

by performing:

8-1Create the paragraph

by clicking the Append link in the Article's Element block, then clicking the exposed Paragraph button.

The element block for the new paragraph is displayed, with a Text element block inside it:
Sample new paragraph with empty text element, disabled at all levels

The red thick border for it indicates that it is in error, with the $ indicating the there is not enough text, and the ? indicating that there is not master locale text. The paragraph's red border indicates that it is in error because it has content with errors.

8-2Add text

by typing it into the field inside the Text element block.

In general, avoid ending rich-text elements like paragraphs with full stops, as they will be appended as required when their page is viewed.

8-3Save the paragraph

by clicking the Submit button below the field.

The typed text appears as a paragraph below the element block.

The borders are now green, indicating that there are no errors.

9Add more paragraphs

by repeating the substeps of step 8, except create the paragraph by clicking the in the top end-side of the current paragraph's element block.

10Complete the editing

by performing:

10-1Return to the History page

by clicking on the Version ID in the navigation bar below the heading.

10-2End the Edit phase

by clicking on the Edited button at the top start-side of the phases area.

11Release an article

to make the new version public.

12Make the site special


  1. a.Editing the theme in the Details section of the Subsite page.
  2. b.Set up a banner.
  3. c.Create a category or a few!
  4. d.Create an article, or several for those categories.
  5. e.Add a file of a 350 by 210 pixel image for each article to use in a Basic aside that will show as cards on the home page using Create links at its Links to section.
  6. f.Improving discoverability by using Create links to add Related articles at the Links to section of Article head pages.
  7. g.Adding a Contact page using the Contact section of the Subsite page.
  8. h.Adding a Policies page to protect yourself and comply with privacy legislation.
  9. i.Adding a Glossary page to provide meaning for special terms used on the site.
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