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4. Delete a site

Sometimes the only way to delete a site is to delete all the files it uses.

If the domain a site uses has lapsed, it can no longer be accessed from the internet. The only way to delete all of the site's file is to use cPanel's File Manager page, which this procedure details. Of course, this will leave the site with no content, which will probably result in a 404 error page if the site can be accessed.

This procedure involves deleting all the Smallsite Design files and folder from the site root folder. The site for the account will be in the public_html folder in the account home folder, or a folder in it named with something resembling the domain name for an addon domain.


The role to perform this procedure is: Site owner.

To delete a site's files:

1Log into the cPanel console

if not already.

2Open the File Manager page

by clicking on the File Manager link in the Files section.

The page is displayed in a new browser tab, showing the contents for the account home folder:
Sample File Manager page, showing the contents of the account root folder

3List the site root's contents

by clicking on the site's folder in the folder list, which will be public_html or one within it.

The folder and file in the site root are displayed:
Sample site file list

The .well-known folder is used by cPanel during the generation and renewal of the site certificate and can be left there. A cgi-bin folder may be shown and though not used by Smallsite Design, it can also be left there.

4Select the items to delete

by performing:

4-1Select the first item

by clicking on the folder starting with sd.

The item's background is highlighted.

4-2Select the last item

by pressing and holding the Shift key and clicking on the last item, which is usually the robots.txt file.

All the items up and including the last clicked are also highlighted.

5Delete the items

by performing:

5-1Initiate the delete

by clicking the ✖ Delete button under the page banner.

The Trash dialog box is displayed:
Sample Trash dialog box

5-2Use the option to completely delete

by clicking the Skip the trash and permanently delete the files checkbox.

5-3Confirm the deletion

by clicking the Confirm button.

The files are deleted and the list updated. The File Manager page can be closed unless needed for another operation.

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