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5  Create links

The master manager can create navigation bar and site links, card, catalog and gallery links, and related articles and sites for subsites and articles.

While all these types of links are displayed in differing ways, they are all defined in exactly the same way on the Links page. The drilling down for internal links at step 2 is also applicable for supplying links for the link element during article editing. For such links, the text is supplied when rendered, though alternate text can be specified in its element block, and the drill-down includes being able to select fragments within articles as well.

For links to other Smallsite Design sites, a /-/ at the end of the URL's path will be replaced with the locale, and the current accessibility setting added, allowing language and accessibility continuity for visitors. Must be before any query or fragment. This also works for inline links.


The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To create links:

1Open the Links page

by clicking one of the jumps in the Link type column of the Links to section on the Subsite or Article head pages.

The page is displayed, listing all the currently defined links and an extra row to a new one if not full:
Sample Links page

2Show available choices

by clicking the 👇 checkbox to modify, or the ✚ in the last row to add.

The choices are displayed:
Sample Links page Internal links expansion
The Internal/External option selection is only shown for Site navigation and Site links link types, and only the external fields are shown for the Related sites type:
Sample Links page external fields

3For an internal link, select the target

by expanding any checkboxes required, and then clicking on the target article or category.

The target's ID is shown:
Sample Links page completed internal link

4For an external link, specify the target

by typing into the Text and URL fields, then clicking the Submit button.

The target's links Text is shown:
Sample Links page complete external link

5Add or update more links

by repeating step 2 to step 4 for each.

6If required when more than one link, reorder

by performing:

6-1If more than three links, select the move size

Click on a Move by option.

6-2Move the link

by clicking the ▲ (up) or ▼ (down) button for the link.

The link is moved to its new position with the clicked button highlighted.

6-3If required, move the link again

by one of:

  1. a.Pressing the Enter | return key to move in the same direction by one place.
  2. b.Clicking the highlighted button to move in the same direction by one place.

6-4If required, move another link

by repeating this step.

7If required, delete links

by, for each link, clicking the ✘ checkbox in the ✘ column of the link's row, then clicking the resultant ✔ button.

The row is removed for each link processed.

8Return to the owning page

by clicking the owning entity's ID jump at the start of navigation bar.

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