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4. Create an email account

With a hosted site comes the opportunity to create email accounts for any of the hosted domains.

A noreply email account on the domain is needed for sending notifications, but other accounts can be added rather than using third-party ones that may be scanned by their providers.


The role to perform this procedure is: Site owner.

To create an email account:

1Log into the cPanel console

if not already.

2Open the Email Accounts page

by clicking the Email Accounts link in the Email section.

The page is displayed, listing all email accounts:
Sample cPanel Email Accounts page, listing only the system account

3Initiate the creation

by clicking on the +Create button.

The page for creating an email account is displayed, defaulting to using the hosting account domain:
Sample cPanel page for creating an email account

4Expand the Optional Settings section

by clicking on its Edit Settings button.

The extra fields are displayed:
Sample cPanel Optional Settings section of the page for creating an email account

5Specify required information

by taking the actions of:
aDomainSelect the domain to use for the email
bUsernameType in name of the email account. Use noreply for the noreply account for a Smallsite Domain sitenoreply
cPasswordType in a long password. See Remembering for a suggestionsomething-long-but-obscure
dStorage SpaceType in the size and select the units.
- 500MB for busy account with attachements.
- 10MB for noreply account that is not used to send emails.
- 100MB for noreply account used to send emails
Create …
Not recommended. Select the Do Not Automatically Create Folders option. See SubaddressingDo not …

6Create the account

by clicking the +Create button.

The Email Accounts page is displayed again with the new email address added to the list.

7Optionally, Create a forwarder

to use as an alias for the account. As many as required.

8Optionally, Add account to email client

for each device to be used to access the account.

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