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3. Create an article

The master manager must create the article so they can assign it to themselves or another to write.


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This procedure is intended to be performed by: Master manager.

To create a new subsite:

1Open the Article head page for a type selection

by one of:

  1. a.Clicking the New button before the Articles checkbox for the intended parent category in the Access section of the Work list page.
  2. b.Clicking the Article button on the introduction line of the Details section of the Category page for the intended parent category.
  3. c.Clicking the New button on the introduction line of the Details section of the Article head page of an article in the intended parent category.
The page is displayed:
Sample Article head page for type selection

If in a default category, the list will include Glossary and Policies if they don't already exist for the subsite.

2Open the Article head page for content source selection

by clicking the button for the required article type.

The page is displayed:
Sample Article head page for source selection

3Open the Article head page for the new article

by one of:

  1. a.Clicking the Blank button for the bare minimum content.
  2. b.Expanding subsites and categories to click the button for the suitable source article. Excludes those being edited.
The page is displayed:
Sample Article head page for new article

Only the Headline field is available for a cloned article.

4Create the new article


  1. 1.Typing a unique Headline.
  2. 2.Optional Byline for clarifying the Headline's context.
  3. 3.Typing a suitable Introduction.
  4. 4.Clicking the Submit button.

The response is:

  1. a.The new article is created, as a work-in-progress (WIP) if from Blank or a draft if cloned.
  2. b.The standard Article head page for the new article is displayed.
  3. c.The new article is Hidden.

Cloning to a draft rather than a WIP means that the original cloned version is not lost if any changes are abandoned, as would happen to a WIP when the latest WIP is made into a draft in order to complete the editing or abandon changes. However, the original draft must be explicitly deleted if not required.

5Optional, add a basic aside

by performing:

5-1Add content

by at least one of:

  1. a.Specifying Heading and Introduction.
  2. b.Optionally, selecting an image.
  3. c.If have an image, optionally specifying a Quote.

An basic aside must have a minimum of a Heading and an Introduction. If no image is specified, the Introduction is rendered as a sentence. A Quote is only shown if an Image is selected. If only an Image is selected, no aside is displayed, but the article can be a target for a gallery or card, though for the latter, the image must be a Card type.

The aside is created.

5-2Enable the aside

by clicking the Disabled ☐ button.

The aside will appear on any future viewing of the page.

6Add content

by assigning a user to write the article, followed by other tasks as required.

7Make visible

by clicking on the Listed option in Show.

The article is publicly accessible and listed in all the pages allowed.

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