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1. Create a subsite

The master manager can create a subsite to provide a separate almost self-contained area of the site.


The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To create a new subsite:

1Open the Subsite page for a new subsite

by either of:

  1. a.Clicking the New button on the introductory line of the Subsite item in the Access section of the Work list page.
  2. b.Clicking the Subsite button on the introduction line of the Details section of the Subsite page for an existing subsite.
The page is displayed, with a list of the subsites to clone from:
Sample Subsite page for a new subsite

2Create the new subsite


  1. 1.Typing a unique Name.
  2. 2.Selecting the subsite to clone from.
  3. 3.Clicking the Submit button.

The response is:

  1. a.The new subsite is cloned from the specified subsite, with the new name, but same banner and rights.
  2. b.The source subsite's home page is cloned, with the same content, but using the new subsite's ID as a suffix.
  3. c.The standard Subsite page for the new subsite is displayed.
  4. d.The new subsite is Hidden.

3Make changes for individualisation

In particular, consider:

  1. a.Making Title addition relevant.
  2. b.Changing one or more of Tone, Hue, Accent or the banner for visual distinction.
  3. c.Changing its Links to to be more relevant.
  4. d.Which of the main's per-subsite articles to use in Use main .

4Add content

In particular, consider:

  1. a.Whether the subsite has its own Contact, Policies or Glossary pages.
  2. b.What categories or articles to move from other subsites.
  3. c.What new categories or articles to add.

5Modify the home page

to make it relevant to the new subsite, including changing cards to link to new categories or articles.

6Make visible

by clicking on the Listed button in the Show row.

7Tidy up source subsite

In particular:

  1. a.Edit its home page and cards to remove what is not now relevant to it.
  2. b.Revisit its Links to section to see what is now irrelevant or obsolete.
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