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7  Create a noreply email account


An email account tied to the domain used for Smallsite Design is needed to send notifications, while ignoring replies.

Modern email security needs a real email account tied to the domain to send out emails. This ensures that the email does not come from a spoofed account. Also useful is an account that cannot be responded to, as it can be used to send out notifications that do not need responding to. The noreply account fulfills these two requirements. In Smallsite Design, the actual name has to be noreply, which by widespread use makes it clear to any recipients that emails from it will be ignored.

To this end, once the account is created, a forwarder is needed to delete any incoming emails. While there is an option to suspend incoming emails for an account, those emails are not silently disposed of like with a forwarder, but rejected, with the sender being notified. Silent disposal means that unnecessary emails across the internet are avoided, and the sender does not even know if the server exists, which means that email addresses on it will likely be dropped by spammers.


The role to perform this procedure is: Site owner.

To create a noreply email account:

1Create an email account

with a name of noreply.

2Create a forwarder

for the noreply account that discards all emails.

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