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3. Create a forwarder

A forwarder is an alias for an email account, where all received emails can be sent on to a nominated email address or deleted.

Forwarders can be used as a proxy that can be dispensed with if it ever gets compromised. Use one to receive notifications from Smallsite Design. Or they can be used as a temporary email for signing up to a service. Having different forwarders for different services means that incoming emails all arrive at the same real account, but the purpose of the sender can be deduced from the To email forwarder that it arrived through.

Smallsite Design requires a noreply account on the domain it is installed in. It is used for all outgoing notifications, so they are meant not to be replied to. To make the noreply account do that, a forwarder for it to reject incoming emails is required. When emails arrive that may need to be replied to, such as via the Contact page, transfer them to the noreply account in an email client and use it to send the reply. Doing this will keep the real account private by forcing use of the Contact page.


The role to perform this procedure is: Site owner.

To create a forwarder:

1Log into the cPanel console

if not already.

2Open the Forwarders page

by clicking the Forwarders link in the Email section.

The page is displayed, listing the first 10 forwarders, if any:
Sample cPanel Forwarders page list with none defined

3Initiate the addition

by clicking on the Add Forwarder button.

The page for adding a forwarder is displayed:
Sample cPanel Forwarders page for adding

4If rejecting emails is required, show more options

by clicking on the Advanced Options button.

The extra options are displayed:
Sample cPanel Forwarders page Advanced Options expanded

5Specify the required information

by taking the actions of:
aAddress to
Type the name of the email account to be the proxy for a real account, or noreply to reject emails for the noreply accountfakeme
bDomainSelect the domain to host the
cDestinationSelect the required option.
- Proxy: Forward to Email Address.
- Reject: Discard
dForward to
Email Address
Type the full email address to be forwarded to. Can be any email address, even one for a domain not on the

6Create the forwarder

by clicking the Add Forwarder button.

The Forwarders page list is displayed again with the new one added:
Sample cPanel Forwarders list entry for that added
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