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2. Create a category

The master manager can create a category to hold several related articles.


This procedure is intended to be performed by: Master manager.

To create a new subsite:

1Open the Category page for a new category

by one of:

  1. a.Clicking the New button before the Categories checkbox for the intended parent subsite in the Access section of the Work list page.
  2. b.Clicking the Category button on the introduction line of the Details section of the Subsite page for the intended parent subsite.
  3. c.Clicking the Category button on the introduction line of the Details section of the Category page of a category in the intended parent subsite.
The page is displayed:
Sample Category page for a new category

2Create the new category


  1. 1.Typing a unique Heading.
  2. 2.Typing a suitable Introduction.
  3. 3.Clicking the Submit button.

The response is:

  1. a.The new category is created.
  2. b.The standard Category page for the new category is displayed.
  3. c.The new category is Hidden.

3Make changes for individualisation

In particular, consider:

  1. a.Making a shorter version of the Heading for Navigation for use in cards.
  2. b.Selecting a card Image for use in cards for the home or navigation pages.

4Add content

In particular, consider:

  1. a.What articles to move from other categories.
  2. b.What new articles to add.

5Make visible

by clicking on the Listed option in Show.

The category is publicly accessible and listed in all the pages allowed.

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