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8Configure PHP

Smallsite Design uses the PHP programming language, but it needs to have the correct version and other settings.

For most of the steps here, cPanel responses usually occur after several seconds delay, often accompanied by an animation indicating its taking its time, and for settings, will display a Success message box. These will not be described in the step responses.


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The role to perform this procedure is: Site owner.

To configure PHP for use with Smallsite Design:

1Log into the cPanel console

if not already.

2Open the PHP Selector page

by clicking the Select PHP version option under the Software section.

The page is displayed, showing the current PHP version:
Sample cPanel PHP Selector page

3Specify PHP version

by performing:

3-1Select version

by selecting an option from the Current PHP version dropdown list.

The new version is displayed with an option to Set as current button:
Sample cPanel PHP version to set as current

3-2Make current

by clicking the Set as current button.

The version is now current:
Sample cPanel PHP current version

4Enable PHP extensions

by performing:

4-1Enable a disabled extension

by clicking on one of the dom, gd, intl, xsl or zip checkboxes not already checked.

If the Smallsite Design installation shows a Fail for one of more of these, select another version of PHP. Otherwise lodge a support ticket with your hosting provider as to why those extensions are not available.

4-2Complete enabling

by clicking the checkbox for each of the remaining required but unchecked extensions.

5Specify options

by performing:

5-1Show options

by clicking on the Options link at the top of the page.

The PHP options are displayed:
Sample cPanel PHP Options page

5-2Disable remote data access

by unchecking the allow_url_fopen option if not already.

5-3Hide PHP details

by unchecking the expose_php option.

Preventing knowledge of whether a site runs on PHP or which version of it may help to mitigate against attacks on the site.

5-4Enable compression

by checking the zlib.output_compression option.

Compressing pages and resources being delivered by the site can substantially reduce site bandwidth and enable a faster and cheaper experience for some mobile users.

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