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2. Change password

A manager or writer user can change their password at any time, or have the master manager reset it for them.

A master manager will reset the password after adding a user, or a user can request them to do it, resulting in an email with a temporary password being sent to the user. If the user then logs in, but cancels the change of password, they will be locked out and will need to have the master manager do another reset.

If a user is changing their own password, cancelling it just returns to the Work list page.

See Passwords for details about the password scheme used in Smallsite Design.


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The roles to perform this procedure are:

  1. a.Manager
  2. b.Writer.

To change password:

1Show the fields

by one of:

  1. a.Logging after a password reset using the credentials in the sent email.
  2. b.Clicking the Change checkbox in the Password item of the Other section of the Work list page.
The fields are displayed:
Sample Password fields

If as a result of a reset, there will be a Cancel button under the Submit button.

2Provide credentials

by typing in Prompt and Password, then clicking the Submit button.

The four password fields are displayed:
Sample four-password fields

If the Cancel button was clicked instead, the Log in page will be displayed, and another reset will need to be requested.

3Complete the password update

by typing the new password into the four Password fields, then clicking the Submit button.

The Log in page is displayed for entering the new credentials.

If the Cancel button was clicked instead, and the password change was:

  1. a.Voluntary: The change is cancelled, leaving the Work list page.
  2. b.Result of reset: The Log in page is displayed, and another reset will need to be requested.
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