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Cancel a license transfer

A license transfer may have to be abandoned, which can be done using this procedure.

This procedure is the only action available in the Actions section of the Site page if a transfer has been initiated. Note that this procedure will result in the new domain that was to be the target of the transfer becoming deregistered. It can be kept by using the Buy Smallsite Design and Register a domain procedures, or deleted using the Delete a site procedure.


The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To delete a site's files:

1Go to the Site page

by clicking on the Site jump in the final list item of the Access section of the Work list page.

The Details and Actions sections will show like:
Sample Site page Details and Actions sections in transfer license mode

2Provide the field value

by cut-and-pasting the license number from the email from the seller:
Sample Cancel transfer field filled

3Confirm the cancellation


  1. 1.Clicking on the Submit checkbox.
  2. 2.Clicking on the resulting Submit checkbox.
  3. 3.Clicking on the resulting Confirm button.
The page is redisplayed with the sole original domain, and a Done label after the Action section introduction:
Sample Site action result
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