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9  Buy Smallsite Design

Smallsite design is purchased through a seller, who will provide a license number, which when entered into a PHP file uploaded to your hosting server and run, will install the site software.

The only information the Smallsite Design license server stores is the license number and the domain name for the site. No other details are required for identifying ownership. For getting software updates, only the domain name is used. The domain name must be rented and setup for use on a hosting provider's server before Smallsite Design can be installed, though it can also be installed into a subdomain of an already hosted domain.

Prior to installation, an email account name of noreply must be created for the domain or subdomain where Smallsite Design is being installed, with a forwarder to delete all received emails immediately without notifying the sender, as described in the Create a noreply email account procedure. This account is used by Smallsite Design to send notifications to managers and writers, while ignoring any replies to it. It also helps email security because it is used to validate that the emails sent by Smallsite Design are from a real account on the site's domain.

If the license was a gift, you should have it as an email or printed out, though an email is preferable as the long license number can be cut-and-pasted from it. You can start at step 2 .

If someone has already installed Smallsite Design for you:

  1. a.You do not need to do this procedure.
  2. b.Make sure you are given the login details for the domain registrar, and immediately log in to change the password.
  3. c.Make sure you are given the login details for the cPanel interface from the hosting provider, and immediately log in to change the password.
  4. d.Make sure you are given the login details for your Smallsite Design site, and immediately log in to Change password and Set up Smallsite Design to your liking.

Smallsite Design is intended to allow you to have complete responsibility and control over your website, bypassing the normal bottleneck of having to wait for others to make changes for you while they pursue their own priorities. You can enlist the help of others, but never hand over control to them.

Only use file at step 2

Step 2 provides the only download link for the installation file.
Do not use any offered by anyone nor anywhere else.


The role to perform this procedure is: Site owner.

To buy a Smallsite Design license:

1Purchase a Smallsite Design license

by performing:

1-1Go to the Smallsite Design product page

The page is displayed:
Sample FastSpring Smallsite Design product page

1-2Select the payment provider

by clicking one of the buttons under the Subtotal row.

The Payment Information dialog box for the provider is displayed:
Sample FastSpring payment details dialog box

1-3Provide payer details

by typing in the information required.

The information provided:
Sample filled out FastSpring payment details dialog box

1-4Confirm the order

by clicking the Pay button.

Some providers will open a login page for their site. Proceed as per their normal payment process, but clicking any backlink to the seller when complete.

The completed order is displayed, showing the license number:
Sample FastSpring completed Smallsite Design order details

A copy of the invoice is emailed to the provided address. It includes the license number.

All seller pages can now be closed.

2Download the installation file

by clicking this download file link.

The file will placed in the folder on your device where they are set to, typically in the Desktop/This PC/Downloads on a Windows computer. The file name will be like:

3Upload the installation file

by performing:

3-2Open the File Manager

by clicking the File Manager link in the Files section.

The page is displayed in a new tab|window, showing the contents of the account root folder:
Sample File Manager page, showing the contents of the account root folder

3-3Select the installation domain's root folder

by clicking the folder name in the starting pane.

For the account domain, the folder will be public_html. For an addon domain, it will be a folder in it like, which is the folder specified for the document root at step 5 of the Create an add-on domain procedure.

The folder contents are displayed:
Sample installation folder selected

If the are any contents other that .well-known or cgi-bin folders, or a file other than robots.txt, perform the Delete a site procedure to clear the folder.

3-4Initiate an upload

by clicking the Upload button.

The File Upload page is displayed in a new tab|window:
Sample file upload page

where username and will be the username for the hosting account and the document root folder name respectively.

3-5Open the computer's file manager

by whatever process that is for the OS.

3-6Find the installation file

by drilling down to the folder where file was dropped in step 2.

3-7Upload the file

by dragging the file from the file manager to the drop area on the File Upload page.

After a short delay the upload is complete:
Sample completed file upload page

All cPanel pages can now be closed.

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