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Smallsite Design

Online setup help

9. Buy Smallsite Design

Smallsite design is purchased through a reseller, who will provide a license number, which when entered into a PHP file uploaded to your hosting server, will install the site software.

The only information the Smallsite Design license server stores is the license number and the domain name for the site. No other details are required for identifying ownership. For getting software updates, only the domain name is used. The domain name and must be purchased and setup for use on a hoster's server before Smallsite Design can be installed, though it can also be installed into a subdomain of an already hosted domain.

Prior to installation, an email address name of noreply must be created for the domain or subdomain where Smallsite Design is being installed, with a forwarder to delete all received emails immediately without notifying the sender, as described in the Create noreply email account procedure. This account is used by Smallsite Design to send notifications to managers and writers, while ignoring any replies to it. It also helps email security because it is used to validate that the emails sent by Smallsite Design are from a real account on the site's domain.


To buy a Smallsite Design license:

1Go to the Smallsite Design shop page

2Purchase a Smallsite Design license

3Download the installation file

4Upload the installation file

5Install Smallsite Design

6Create content

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