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2. Assign a task

Those who do the writing, translating or reviewing must be assigned to an article by the master manager, even if it is themselves.

Task assignment is usually what is done for an article after its initial creation or cloning and following setup, or when required for updating it.

The information required for assignment is:

  1. a.Locale to be affected. Always the master if no other locales.
  2. b.Phase as the type of task being assigned.
  3. c.User ID of the person the task is being assigned to. If only one, they are automatically selected.
  4. d.Review types – at least one required. Only shown for a review.
  5. e.Due as a duration from the current day. Default is 4 weeks.
  6. f.Note – optional instructions for the assignee.

If time is not critical, Due can be left at its default. If wanting to manage the scheduling of tasks, set a reasonable time appropriate for the task for the person it is assigned to. The approximate remaining time will be shown like 3w wherever the current task is displayed. When overdue, it will be displayed like [2d].

The details of the current task for the article are shown:

  1. a.At the end of the edit navigation bar for the Article head, History and Article body pages.
  2. b.On the article's row in the In progress section of the Work list page.


 Indicates the step has learning notes. Click its checkbox to show them.

The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To assign a task for a created or updated article:

1Go to the History page

by one of:

  1. a.Clicking on the History or Update buttons in the Versions row of the Details section of the Article head page for a newly created or cloned article.
  2. b.Clicking on the Phase column for the article in the In progress section of the Work list page.
  3. c.If in the History page with no phases, clicking on the Update button in the row for the latest release.
The page is displayed, with a Phase of Created for a created blank article, else Updated:
Sample History page for an updated article

2View the available target phases

by clicking the Phases checkbox.

The available phases are listed, along with a Users checkbox for each, dependent upon the current phase and locale.

See Editing phases for phase details and some typical sequences.

If there is only one phase, the next step will be automatically done.

3View the available phase options

by clicking the Users checkbox.

The options for each parameter are listed:
Sample phase list in History page

The master manager will be the first user listed and will be selected. The 4 weeks Due option will also be selected.

4Specify phase options

by clicking the radio button for each parameter, and check the required review types if required.

5Optionally, provide an explanatory note

by clicking the checkbox and typing the note into the exposed field.

6Submit the phase change

by clicking the Submit button.

Depending upon the assigned user:

  1. a.If for self, the available phase is Query, and the task can be commenced by clicking the Latest button to show the Article body page for the article.
  2. b.Otherwise, the available phases are On hold and Note, and an email is sent to the assignee advising them of the request.
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