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3Add a user

The master manager can create a manager, writer or guest user.


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The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To add a user:

1Open the Users page

by clicking the Users button in the Other section of the Work list page.

The page is displayed:
Sample Users page

2Show the add fields

by clicking the link in the last row for the intended role.

The mandatory fields are displayed:
Sample User add fields

3Provide the information

by typing in the mandatory personal details.

Any of this information can be changed at any time by the user directly. In addition the user can remove themselves completely.

4Confirm the addition

by clicking the Submit button.

The Details for the user are added, as per the image in step 1, though some fields will be different for writers and guests.

5Make other changes

In particular, consider:

  1. a.For writers or guests, extending the Expiry to what they will need for their tasks.
  2. b.Adding the non-master Locales the user would be expected be assigned tasks in.

6Enable the user

by clicking the Disabled ☐ button in the Status row.

The Disabled ☐ button becomes Enabled ☑.

7Set temporary password

by clicking the Reset button in the ID row.

An email is sent to the user at their Email address, with the temporary password required to be entered at their next visit, which must be within 8 minutes, so make sure they know when to expect it.

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