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6. Add a locale

The master manager can add another locale to enable translations of existing articles into another language or script.

Locales cannot be added or removed if there are any articles being edited.


The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To create a new subsite:

1Open the Locale page for selection

by one of:

  1. a.Clicking the New button on the introductory line of the Locales item in the Access section of the Work list page.
  2. b.Clicking the Add button in the page navigation bar of the Locale page for an exiting locale.
The page is displayed:
Sample Locale page for selection of locale to add

2Add a locale

by performing:

2-1Select a locale

by clicking on one of the locales with a radio button.

The response is:

  1. a.The locale's button is checked.
  2. b.An Add checkbox is displayed at the end of the list.

2-2Confirm the selection

by clicking the checkbox, clicking the resulting Add checkbox, then clicking the resulting Confirm button.

The Locale page is displayed for the new locale:
Sample Locale page

3Make changes appropriate for the locale

In particular, consider:

  1. a.If wanting a user interface language other than that derived from the locale, click on a User option.
  2. b.If available locales other than the master and the current one, and wanting a locale fall-through path other than direct to the master, click a Next locale option.
  3. c.Select Quotes that the intended audience expects.

4Make visible

by clicking on the Disabled ☐ button in the middle of the page navigation bar.

The button changes to Enabled ☑, and the locale is available for selection in the Locales section of pages, and it will participate an any fall-through paths.

5Optionally, use the common Western Arabic numerals

by clicking on the Disabled ☐ button in the Override row.

The button changes to Enabled ☑, and all numbers and currencies will be displayed using the common Western Arabic numerals.

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