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4. Add a file

The master manager can add a file for use in articles.


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The role to perform this procedure is: Master manager.

To add a user:

1Open the Files page for uploading a file

by one of:

  1. a.Clicking the Add button on the Files item in the Access section of the Work list page.
  2. b.Clicking the Add button at the end of the Navigation bar of any Files page.
  3. c.Clicking the Add file button in the Navigation bar of the Article body page.
The page is displayed:
Sample Files page for upload

2Select a file

by performing:

2-1Open the Open dialog box

by clicking on the Select file button.

The name of the dialog box will vary between operating systems.

The dialog box is opened.

2-2Find the file

by navigating to the containing folder and clicking on the file name.

2-3Confirm the selection

by clicking the Open button.

The label of the button will vary between operating systems.

The File selected text is displayed after the Select file button.

3Upload the file

by clicking the Upload button.

The Files page with the file's details is displayed:
Sample Files page with file details

The Purpose is automatically determined by the file extension and its dimensions if an image.

4Specify Text

by typing in text suitable for vision impaired people.

The Disabled ☐ text in the Status row becomes a button.

5Enable the file

by clicking the Disabled ☐ button in the Status row.

The Disabled ☐ button becomes Enabled ☑.

6Optionally, add owner details


  1. a.Adding the Owner's name.
  2. b.Optionally, adding the article or URL for the Owner at Page.

A copyright notice with Owner will be displayed under the image, as a link to Page if specified.

7Apply special actions

such as:

  1. a.Making the file embeddable by external sites, or downloadable, by clicking the Embeddable button.
  2. b.If made embeddable for downloading, giving the resulting file a formatted Name.
  3. c.If a Icon file, make it the site's icon by clicking the favicon button in its Status row.

8Optionally, add variants

by repeating step 2 and step 3 for each variant required.

Note that all variants must be of the same type as the master locale's, and if an image, have the same width and height.

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