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Files can be images or other media or any other type like PDFs or documents.
Work list
The work list is the main page used for managing the domain and its sites. It is the first page seen after login.
Depending upon their role, users have varying degrees of access to the site.
History is the list of versions for an article, as well as the phases of an article while it is being edited.
Planning a site
Smallsite Design provides a few structures to help with fleshing out a workable site. To use these effectively, some planning may help.
Smallsite Design manages the versioning of articles.
Settings allows specifying the operational values for a site.
Common management page elements
Except for the main content, all management pages share the same elements.
Article body
The article body holds the bulk of the content of an article, commonly known as below-the-fold.
Editing phases
Several activity phases are required to initially create an article, and to get from one release to the next.

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