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The latest articles for this subsite.

Banners in Smallsite Design are meant to provide consistent branding across all pages of a subsite.
Article body
The article body holds the bulk of the content of an article, commonly known as below-the-fold.
Planning a site
Smallsite Design provides a few structures to help with fleshing out a workable site. To use these effectively, some planning may help.
A subsite is a collection of categories and their articles, with its own home page and navigation.
Site navigation elements
There are multiple means of navigating around a Smallsite Design site.
Smallsite Design manages the versioning of articles.
Set up Smallsite Design
While installing Smallsite Design produces a working but bare site, there are some settings that you will probably want to change.
Files can be images or other media or any other type like PDFs or documents.
Settings allows specifying the operational values for a site.
Work list
The work list is the main page used for managing the domain and its sites. It is the first page seen after login.

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