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This page provides details of the site, some site actions to perform, and lists full site archives and actions related to them.
Planning a site
Smallsite Design provides a few structures to help with fleshing out a workable site. To use these effectively, some planning may help.
Create article
The master manager must create the article so they can assign it to themselves of another to write, translate or review.
Security and passwords
Some explanations of how security and passwords are handled in Smallsite Design.
Change password
A manager or writer user can change their password at any time, or have the master manager reset it for them.
A subsite is a collection of categories and their articles, with its own home page and navigation.
This article describes the limits applicable to Smallsite Design sites.
Management page elements
Except for the main content, all management pages share the same elements.
Create links
The master manager can create navigation bar and site links, card, catalog and gallery links, and related articles and sites for subsites and articles.
Each article and sub site can have its own related articles or external pages. Navigation pages can have cards or galleries as well. All such links are specified in the same way.

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