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Main: Policies

This site is subject to several conditions of use and privacy policies.

1   Site useβ–³

The policies covering your usage of this site and its materials are:

  1. a.I retain all copyrights in all the content I created that is displayed on this site. Publication here does not transfer or assign any rights to anyone else.
  2. b.If JavaScript is enabled in your browser, after 30 seconds of viewing an article, the current date and time, article identifier and locale are sent to this site for reading statistics. No other information is recorded for these statistics.

2   Privacy policiesβ–³

The policies covering the personal information you provide to this site are:

  1. a.Unless otherwise stated, information you provide will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation, unless legally obliged to do so.
  2. b.I am not responsible for the privacy of information you provide to third-party sites.
  3. c.This site does not leave cookies or any other files on your device.
  4. d.By default, your browser will send some information that may possibly be used to identify you, like your IP address, to this web server, which will automatically keep logs with that information. These logs are deleted at the end of a month. You are responsible for ensuring your browser does not transmit information you do not want it to.
  5. e.Users enlisted by the site owner to create content can edit and delete their stored details at any time.

3   Unpublished worksβ–³

The access limitations applying to unpublished works on this site are:

  1. a.They are protected by copyright.
  2. b.To view one of the works, you must have been explicitly given the URL to access it and the access password by the copyright owner.
  3. c.If you have been explicitly authorised to view the works, you may privately do so up until they are no longer accessible on the site, after which you must destroy all copies in your possession.
  4. d.If you have not been explicitly authorised to view the works, immediately destroy all copies.
  5. e.You may not allow any other person to view the works, nor distribute it to them in any form or by any means.
  6. f.You must not let anyone else know the existence or nature of the works.
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