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Setup help


This is the online help for how to prepare for and install Smallsite Design.

Within the process of setting up a site, installing Smallsite Design is the final quick and easy step. The preliminary steps are common to setting up any site, but might be too technical for some, despite the detailed procedures provide here to cover all the tasks required.

If this is the case for you, perhaps get someone more technical to help you, though make sure that any accounts are in your name and you change all passwords immediately after getting help from them. After setup, you can manage all aspects of the site structure and content from within Smallsite Design itself.

Only one download link

Step 2 of the Buy Smallsite Design procedure
provides the only download link for the installation file.
Do not use any offered by anyone nor anywhere else.

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  • β€’Create a noreply email account
  • β€’Delete a site
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