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Meanings for some terms used on this subsite are:

Basic independent repository of information. The types of articles available are general article, Glossary page, Policies page, navigation article, procedure article and test article.
article header
Area below the subsite navigation bar that includes the headline and optional byline for the article.
article navigation bar
Bar below the article header that contains links into the content of the article.
Optional area at the top of the page that is intended to show the site's branding, though it can be partially or wholly different for each subsite.
A link to a target article or category drawing its heading, picture and text from that target. They are only available for a home page or navigation article.
Category page-like custom themed list of links to any articles or categories.
Categories page
Lists all the non-default categories for a subsite. See Categories page.
Group of related articles. Every subsite has a default category that holds its home page, Glossary page and Policies page. Every non-default category can list its articles alphabetically or numbered by their manually set order.
category navigation bar
Bar below the subsite navigation bar and the article header that contains category-level links. It only appears on non-default category articles.
Category page
List of all the articles in a category. Not available for a default category. See Category page.
Contact page
Page with details of how to contact the site owner, with possible options of enquiry about services, feedback on a page, or reporting a privacy, copyright or trademark infringement.
default category
Special category for each subsite holding its home page, Glossary page and Policies page pages. It is not listed on the Categories page, nor can its articles be listed, usually because links to them can be shown on the subsite navigation bar or under Subsite links in the footer of a page.
An array of images that can be clicked to go to an article or category. They are only available for a home page or navigation article.
general article
General purpose article that can contain sections and subsections, and a glossary. There can be up to 20 sections, each able to have up to nine subsections. When these are inserted, navigation bars are automatically provided to link to them.
Glossary page
Lists the special terms and their definitions as used in a subsite. This page is a glossary.
home page
Starting page for each subsite. The home page for the site is the main subsite's home page. A home page is a navigation article.
Scripting language in browsers that most sites rely upon for their operation, like the major social media sites, or function at a reduced or awkward level without it. Smallsite Design does not require JavaScript at all, though it does provide some minor augmentations, like expanding text entry boxes as they fill up. Enabled by default in most browsers. See JavaScript.
Language, optional script, and region/country combination providing special formatting for information like dates and numbers. Browsers provide spelling support for the locale while editing. Every site has a master locale.
main subsite
Default subsite for a site.
master locale
The principal locale for a site and to which all other locales fall through to if they don't have their own text for a paragraph or other block.
Articles can be multi-lingual and a hierarchy of locales can be specified for controlled fall-through until all articles have all been translated. Hundreds of locales are available, depending upon users' browser support for the applicable Unicode characters.
navigation article
Simple article that can contain an array of cards, catalog or a gallery of images. A home page is a navigation article.
Policies page
Lists the conditions for using a site, grouped by various aspects of site usage.
procedure article
Series of steps to perform a procedure or task. Steps can be collapsed to its objective or expanded to show learning notes. A step can have up to nine substeps. Roles can be assigned to each step.
site organisational unit with its own home page, default category and navigation. Each site always has a main subsite. There can be one each of Contact page, Glossary page, and Policies page per subsite, though non-main subsites can be set to defer any of these to the main subsite's one. Not to be confused with a subdomain.
subsite navigation bar
Bar between the banner and article header containing subsite-level links. If more that one subsite, links to the other subsites may be shown.
test article
Series of multi-choice questions meant for readers to ascertain their current knowledge or what they have learned from reading an article or following a procedure article. Comments can be provided for ranges of correct answers.
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