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Meanings for some terms used on this subsite.

User who can view all of a site, except the personal contact details of another user. They are only meant for viewing training or demonstration sites. If a guest with id of gu is created, their login password can be made publicly available for viewing the management pages.
User able to view all pages, though only the current Master manager can modify a Subsite, Category, Article headers and introductions, subsite banners and themes, and create users and redirects.
Master manager
Manager who is able to modify critical parts of a Site. There can be only one master manager at a time.
Person who has access to the non-public pages of a Site. The three types are Manager, Writer and Guest. Any users can be created, modified or removed by a Master manager, though a manager or writer can modify their own details or remove themselves.
User who is specifically assigned to write, translate or edit a specific #article, but has no access to view or change anything else.

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