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Meanings for some terms used on this subsite.

At a Draft version, discontinue the current Editing workflow completely.
Accuracy review type
For making sure the content is accurate and relevant to the needs of the target audience.
Add a child element, like an item to a list.
Action by a Master manager to allow a User, including themselves, to perform a Writing phase, Translating phase, Editing phase or Reviewing phase.
Self-contained block of text that can contain one or more Inline units of text. In a multilingual Article, blocks will always be in the same order, whereas inline units may be in different orders due to locale differences in word order.
Done phase
Phase indicating that all of the Editing workflow for a Locale is complete. Dependent locales are then available for editing.
Draft version
Version of an Article for a Reviewing phase or conversion to a Release version. Drafts must be manually deleted, or any leading up to a release are deleted during a Purge.
Editing access
Access level for a Manager or Writerʘ?ʘassigned to perform a Writing phase, Translating phase or an Editing phase on an Article.
Editing phase
Subsequent Phase after any Writing phase or Translating phase for a Locale is complete, often preceded by a formal Reviewing phase.
Editing workflow
Series of Phases involved in maintaining an Article throughout an editing cycle, from a Work-in-progress (WIP) version to a Draft version to a Release version, covering the Master locale to each dependent Locale.
Unit of text within a Block. They may be in different orders for different Locales, due to differences in subject-verb-object, verb-adverb and noun-adjective order.
Inline insert
Method of wrapping some text of an inline element with specific characters to produce another inline element. The list of available inline elements and the special characters required are listed at the bottom of the page, and can be jumped to by clicking the Tags link above the element's editing field.
Action to add an allowed sibling after the current element.
Action on an Inline element that can append the text from the adjacent element of the same type before removing it.
Note phase
Optional incidental Phase where a Master manager can leave a note for the Userʘ?ʘassigned to a Writing phase, Translating phase, Editing phase or Reviewing phase.
On hold phase
Phase for a Master manager to take back control of an Article. Any Spike items for the article are removed from the User.
Step in the process of managing the generation of a Release version of an Article.
Remove a Release version of an Article, along with any Draft version after a previous release. Cannot be done for the latest release.
Query phase
Optional incidental Phase where a Userʘ?ʘassigned to a Writing phase, Translating phase or Editing phase or Reviewing phase can ask a question of the Master manager.
Readability review type
For making sure the content is likely to be understood by the target audience.
Release version
Only version of an Article that can be made publicly available. Can only be deleted by a Purge which also deletes any Draft version between it and the previous release.
Spike action that replaces the current element with the same or similar one from the spike. Typically, Rich text elements like a list item or a footnote can replace a paragraph.
Review access
Access level for a Manager or Writerʘ?ʘassigned to a Reviewing phase for an Article.
Reviewing phase
Optional Phase between a Writing phase, Translating phase or Editing phase and more editing where comments are added to a Draft version to indicate what needs to be changed. The three types of reviews are Accuracy review type, Readability review type and Spelling review type. The comments are removed when the Article is made into a Release version.
Rich text
Type of element, like a paragraph, that can contain multiple Inline formatting and functional elements .
Source article
Up to three Articles can be made available by the Master manager for sourcing content from, as a Writer can normally only see articles that have been assigned to them.
Spelling review type
For making sure the spelling and grammar is suitable for the target audience. For an international audience, minor variations may be alright, as people are used to them. However, a specific target audience may have higher expectations. While multiple review types can be assigned for the same review, leave this type until last because the content may drastically change as a result of the other review types.
Type of cut-and-paste clipboard. There are three spikes, each of which can hold up to nine items. The third spike can be used to copy content from previous versions or a Source article. Spikes belong to the Userʘ?ʘassigned to an article, but are removed when they lose access to the Article they are editing.
Target audience
The type of people for whom an Article is meant to be useful. Being accurate with this enables proper focus to be maintained about what to write. However, be open to varying this if during writing the article, some others may also be seen to benefit.
Translating phase
Initial Phase in the generation of the text for a non-Master locale.
While in a Writing phase, Translating phase or Editing phase, the last edit version can be deleted by clicking Undo. This operation is not reversible.
Action on a compound element like a paragraph or list, that writes out all its component elements to Spike 3, even if there are more than the nine that are the normal limit for a spike.
Special mode for showing a Draft version or Work-in-progress (WIP) version that is normally not viewable as a normal web page in a browser. Can only be invoked by a User with Viewing access to the article. After 20 minutes, it will be unavailable.
Viewing access
Read only access to an Article. Only available to Manager, Guest or a Writer allowed access to a previous version or Source article.
Work-in-progress (WIP) version
Temporary version of an Article created after each change made any of its Inline items or Blocks. Any previous Work-in-progress (WIP) version is deleted when one is made into a Draft version, so if wanting to keep some content from an earlier WIP for possible later use, convert it to a draft before the later one.
Writing phase
Phase where the text of an Article for the Master locale is created.

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