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Inline element
Inline elements contain the text for rich text elements, and provide formatting or other functionality.
Diagram element
A diagram provides a fairly basic means of showing relationships.
Article body
The article body holds the bulk of the content of an article, commonly known as below-the-fold.
Element block
The element block that appears for a selected element or its ancestors provides information about the element and gives access to operations centred upon it.
While using the simple text cutting and pasting available in most operating systems is useful for plain text, spikes provide the ability to move complex elements around an article or between articles.
Sequence element
Making presentations on the web usually involves videos, but they are very resource-intensive. A much more flexible and low-resource alternative is the sequence element.
Complex block element
Complex blocks have disparate components or child elements only available to them.
Media element
Media blocks allow articles to have images, videos and audio.
General article element
A general article has the most flexible content model, allowing most blocks, a glossary and sections, with those able to contains their own.
Table element
Tables are excellent for presenting structured information, but that capability makes them more involved to set up.
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