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8. Versions

Versions of Smallsite Design can be downloaded from the license server.

This page is accessed by clicking on the Versions button in the Other section of the Work list page. The license server is polled to find all the available versions to include on the versions list.

If the Check at login checkbox after the introduction to the list is checked:

  1. a.When the master manager first logs in, the license server will be checked for new versions.
  2. b.If newer versions than that loaded are found, New will appear after the Versions button in the Other section of the Work list page.
The columns of the version list are:
aIDVersion number as its creation date and time, latest first. Selected for the currently loaded version. Link to the release notes for the version on the Smallsite Design site
bLocationLocation where the version located.
cActionsAction that can be done to the version
The possible Location values are:
aServerVersion is only on the license server
bOn-siteVersion has been downloaded to the site
The available Actions are:
aRetrieveDownload the version from the license server
b* InstallDouble checkbox and confirm to overwrite the current Smallsite Design files with those from the version file. The * indicates that after installation, the Log in page will be displayed
cDeleteDouble checkbox and confirm to delete the version file from the site

Current and older versions do not need to be kept as they can be retrieved from the server at any time.

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