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4. Test article

Tests provide a set of multiple choice questions to help readers get an appreciation of how much they know about a topic, or how much they have learnt from reading site articles.

An unanswered question looks like:
Sample unanswered question
The areas of the completed commentary are:
aLinksLinks to each question and the comments selected by score
bScoreNumber correct out of the total score
cIncorrectLinks to incorrectly answered questions
dQuestionQuestion with its options
eCorrectCorrectly answered question
fIncorrectIncorrectly answered question
gCommentaryNote about the incorrect answer
hCommentsComments that show for particular ranges of score percentage

When completed, all questions will have their correct answers marked, but incorrectly answered questions will also have their incorrect answer marked.


Comments are selected by what scores are in their range.

Comments provide some insight into what the scores mean. Each is set to respond to a range of percentage quartiles, like 0-100, 25-74 or 50-100. They may provide links to more reading material that helps with understanding the topic the questions were about. They are useful for discovering knowledge gaps before reading an article and after to determine how much has been learnt.

Results are for visitors' information only, and none are stored for any purpose, or revealed to the site owner or anyone else.

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