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7. Templates

Articles can be kept as templates, allowing them to be cloned from or raided for elements.

While any article can be cloned from, that usually requires removal and editing of a lot of its content. Instead, partially built articles can be kept within Templates for cloning from. This usually applies to articles that have fairly standard structures, but need content tailored for the subject of individual articles.

The types of uses suitable for cloning template articles are:

  1. a.Release notes.
  2. b.Song lyrics with columns.
  3. c.Recipes.
  4. d.Procedures that require standardised content in their preamble, like prerequisite actions.

The other usage for template articles is as repositories for frequently used boiler-plate structures. The article can be set as a source article for an article being edited, and any useful content cloned to spike 3 as required for insertion in the target article. While generating a paragraph or structure may not take too long, doing so across multiple locales is more complex and time-consuming, so pre-written and translated structures in a template can save a lot of time.

Some possible structures for reuse are:

  1. a.Prerequisites
    The actions to be completed before this procedure are:
    [As the introduction to a list of links to other procedures].
  2. b.Highlight element with standard warning text in a paragraph.
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